MOTTA Professional Italian Barista Tools Solution

Metallurgica Motta, founded in 1967, has always specialised in the production of household goods in stainless steel. The complete range of products, which includes household items, gifts and items for bars and the hotel industry, have allowed the company to develop and expand both in Italy and abroad. A Considerable tradition in this field, which implies reliability given by years of consolidated experience, modern design & high quality are the foundations of Metallurgica Motta’s success.

 The up-to-date premisesof 14.000 square metres, 7.000 of which are covered, equipped with the latest machinery permit the greatest variety of manufacture and guarantees our clients the highest quality coupled with speedy consignment.

 Thanks to all this and to our first-rate commercial organisation today Metallurgica Motta is recognised and appreciated on the major international markets